About Us

Brothers Don't Shake Hands... 
John and Hakan Hekimoglu have been riding bicycles together for as long as they can remember. They've been lucky enough to grow up on the great bike paths of Eugene, Oregon and their shared passion for those same bike paths brought them together to start Electric Avenue in 2020
They started Electric Avenue, now Electric Bike & Scooter, during the height of the pandemic because they saw a need for outdoor exercise, sustainable transport and just good ol’ fashioned fun. They opened their doors in August of 2020 and saw an immediate impact. As they stated to get into the industry, they saw a growing need for quality, affordable electric bikes. They also saw a need for electric scooter repair. As of 2024, they are one of the only scooter repair shops in the Northwest. 
So they rebranded as ‘Electric Bike & Scooter’ in 2024.