Our Warranty

Warranty Start

EBS Covers your bike or scooter from tip-to-tip. Meaning we will try to cover everything we can. Impacts, collisions and misuse of our products cannot be warrantied. E-bikes need to be covered-up at night or stored inside.

IMPACTS from collisions are subject to our in-house rate of 50$ an hour plus parts.

Coverage Components - Structure - 3 yrs

Frame, rigid fork (for Velotric T1 & Velotric T1ST only)  

Coverage Components - Electrical parts - 3 yrs

Motor, throttle, PAS control panel, controller, wiring harness, front light, rear light, IOT module, sensor, fingerprint module, Findmy  module, and charger.

- up to 300 charging cycles, whichever occurs first
- The batteries are designed to retain up to 75% of their original capacity during that time.

- not included damages due to improper used, and operation.  

Coverage Components - Accessories - 3 Years

1-year warranty date of delivered of the original purchase.

Coverage Components - Other Essential - 3 Years

Suspension forks, stem, handlebar, headset, brakes (excluding brake pads), bottom bracket, crank set, pedals, kickstand, rims, wheel hub, freewheel, cassette, derailleur, and shifter.

Ownership & Duration of Coverage

First Owner(Original Purchaser)

Conditional 3 Years,

Subsequent Owner (the Second or Later Owner)

Not covered by warranty but can contact EBS Team for assistance.


Parts that cannot be covered by our stores - 3yrs

  1. Paint and graphics are not included in this definition.
  2. Suspension forks and suspension parts are not included in the definition of frame or frameset.
  3. Third-party components are not covered by this Warranty.
    1. Such as drivetrain, brakes, or suspension parts
    2. Warranty information for third-party components please visit the manufacturer’s website for more information of these products.
  4. Failure to perform maintenance or service at appropriate intervals in accordance with the written instructions provided with the Product
    1. Bearings
    2. Brake Pads
    3. Chains
    4. Free Hub Bodies
    5. Handlebar Grips
    6. Rubber moving parts
    7. Shifter, brake cables and casings
    8. Spokes
    9. Sprockets
    10. Stripped threads/bolts
    11. Tools
    12. Transmission gears

Improper Assembly, Operation, and Maintaiance

  1. Improper assembly or installation.
  2. Crash, neglect, improper repair, improper maintenance, or other abnormal, excessive, or improper use.
  3. Improper alteration or installation of components, parts or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the Product.
  4. Corrosion.
  5. The Battery is not warranted from damage resulting from power surges, use of an improper charger, improper maintenance or other such misuse, normal wear or water damage.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, Velotric will not be liable and/or responsible for any damage, failure or loss caused by any unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts.