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Mokwheel Asphalt ST

Mokwheel Asphalt ST

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Build + Aftercare Package
Designed for the path less traveled.

The Asphalt ST is an e-bike tailor-made for urban commuting, featuring a battery with enough capacity to last a full day's ride without requiring frequent recharging. Additionally, the torque sensor is configured to deliver high-efficiency power output, allowing you to reach faster speeds and cover greater distances.

“The Basalt ST is known as the world’s first electric bike with integrated power station technology"


“This is an area where I think Mokwheel has set the Basalt up for some success – it’s an e-bike that I think of as an off-roader first, whereas others I think of as for paved trails that I could do light offroading with.”


What’s the range?

60 miles per charge

Lithium-Ion Battery

Samsung 48V 14.7Ah

How much can it carry?

350 lbs

How powerful is the motor?

48V 500W

Advantages of Torque Sensors

Torque sensors provide a more natural riding experience by providing assistance that is proportional to the rider's effort rather than simply providing a fixed level of assistance. This can improve the rider's experience by providing a more natural and intuitive ride, as well as improving the efficiency of the bike's electric motor.

All new, all electric
Introducing the next generation

Commuter Bike
The bike frame is drawn creatively by Mokwheel's team of designers and brought to life by Mokwheel's team of bike experts. All bikes are built and manufactured by Mokwheel with perfect streamlines and extreme performance. The team tests each bike to ensure everything runs smoothly without defects before it reaches you. Our bikes undergo strict performance tests and anti-drop tests before they are shipped to eliminate any shipping issues.
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